Banana Fiber Yoga Mat

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Know your Product: Banana Fiber Yoga Mat

Banana fiber yoga mats offer yogis to practice all asana in a natural manner. This mat gives the best comfort as cotton yoga mats as well it’s hypo-allergenic. This banana fiber yoga mats are handwoven with entirely natural extracts. Banana Fibers are extracted from the stem of the banana tree without harming it. With the stem, we are extracting fiber by hand twisted with a group of rural artisans. Again this fiber is under processed with various natural treatments to make it durable to weave. These mats are handwoven by old rural artisans. This is 100% Bio-Degradable and easily decomposable mat can protect our lovely earth unless other PVC and foam materials.

Dimension(WxL): 26 X 72 (Inches)

Weight: 1.8 Kg

Let’s Get Back To Our Tradition

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