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Cow Dung Diya – Handmade Cow Dung Organic Diya-Set Of 12


Handmade Cow Dung Organic Diya-Set Of 12 Diya – Free Delivery All Over India.

Cow dung diyas are 100% natural, eco-friendly product. we are coming up with sustainable and environment friendly diyas.


1.      The diya is completely handmade without causing any harm to the environment.
2.      Not only the native cow’s milk is pure, its dung and urine is also sacred.
3.      If you prefer not to burn the diya, place the aluminium foil of the wick at the tip of diya.
4.      You can reuse the unburt diya as manure.
5.      To burn the diya, place the wick the other way and the smoke emitted is a good air purifier, mosquito repellent and               generates oxygen.
6.      Also, the ashes remaining after the diya is burnt can be used to control fungicides.

Please Check the Stock And Colours Availability Before you Place an Order.

Note : You can Call us or Whatsapp on 77188 18003/77381 10001 

We at EcoHindu strive to ensure that the Customer receives Right Product which also does not impact the environment in a negative way.

Let’s Get Back To Our Tradition -EcoHindu

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