Incense Burner made from Brass

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Product Specifications :

Product Type : Incense Burner
Size :
Length of the product – 11.43 cms
Breath of the product – 11.43 cms
Width of the product – 22.86 cms
Weight of the product : 800 grams
Material : Brass
Specifications : The product comes in a dome shape along with a handle and stand attached.

Description :

Incense Burners India are of religious significance when it comes to all India culture. Burning incense is a practice during worship which is what has made it an essential part of our day to day lives. Incense is also burned in order to ward off bad energy or used to purify the air of a specific space which it is used in. The Incense burner Ecohindu presents to your is crafted to both perfection and convenience. The Dome ( Outer shell ) of the incense burner has intricate triangular cavities which have detailed designs surrounding it. The incense burner also has a handle making it convenient to transport around for use and also a stand incase you would require to keep it stationary for any purpose.

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