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Traditional Stone Mortar Pestal (Idikal)


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Product – Mortar & Pestal
Sizes available –  5 inch, 7 inch
Material – Stone


Traditional Mortar & Pestal is an intrinsic part of an Indian Kitchen. It is useful in crushing herbs, medicines, and grinding paste, spices. It is very handy for kitchen and daily use. It is handcarved by our Indian skilled artisans. It is used for multipurpose grinding as well as crushing and gives your dishes an authentic flavor and taste.


  • The Indian continent played a significant role in putting stone made utensils on the map.
  • The discovery of these stone utensils dates back to time immemorial
  • Likewise, our ancestors have been mainly using stone utensils in the kitchen.
  • The reason behind this is that stone is the most durable material.
  • But also because the traditional stone mortar pestle incorporated some great health benefits.
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