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Cast Iron Appam Tawa 12pits (Paniyara Kal) + Cast iron Appam maker with Free wooden spatula


Know More About Our Product, Cast Iron Appam Tawa 12pits (Paniyara Kal) + Cast iron Appam maker with Free wooden spatula :-

Our Paniyara Kal is hand-crafted from Cast Iron. It is a pan used for making Appam and has two handles for holding. This sturdy Appam tawa is crafted by the rural artisans of Tamil Nadu and would help you to cook delicious fluffy appams. Although being a traditional cooking pan, it perfectly fits in modern kitchen.

Product Specifications:- 

Type Dimension  Weight  Set of
Paniyara Kal Diameter- 22 cm , Capacity – 12 Pits  1.5 kg 1
Appam Diameter – 19 cm , Height – 6 cm  1.2 kg 1



  • The Indian continent played a significant role in putting Iron made utensils on the map.
  • We all very well know the fact that Iron tends to impart itself to food hence, our ancestors preferred using Iron cookware
  • In addition, it would enhance the taste and color of the food.
  • The reason behind this is that Iron is the most durable metal.
  • Similarly, Traditional Iron Appam maker incorporates some great health benefits.


  • Iron cookware are non-stick and Chemical-free.
  • They are very much durable and have a longer life span.
  • Ironware is suitable for cooking anywhere- stove, oven or gas as they can sustain any temperature.
  • They have low maintenance and are easy to wash.
  • The major health benefit of Iron is that it can help to cure Iron deficiency.

Disclaimer:- Since we provide unique and handcrafted products, there can be a slight difference with regards to dimensions and weight.

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