Hinduism is an eternal tradition and a way of life. This oldest religion of the world is a complex set of belief, mythologies, rituals and hymns. However, the essence of all their believes as singular. One supreme power, which can be worshiped in multiple ways and can be reached through multiple means.
Environment and nature have been an integral part of each and every aspect of our religion. Hinduism believes in an inclusive way of reaching the supreme power.
Hindu population is wide spread across the globe today. Eco-Hindu serves as all your religious needs while trying to find eco-friendly ways which would suit both religious as well as environmental needs.
Eco-Hindu is a hub of all eco-friendly products related to Hinduism from puja material, special plants with religious and medical significance, eco-friendly toys, religious books, beads, jap maalas, ritual materials to astrology consultation and priest services. We aim to promote and provide the needs of a Hindus  across the world. is a brand of AADAIMAN ENTERPRISES LLP with registered office at Hyderabad, Telangana, India and office at Vashi, Navi Mumbai,Maharashtra.
Sarve Jana Sukhinobhavanthu !!